A Dose of Reality…

Life is moving fast.

I look at my children and every six months they change.

They are taller, stronger and more opinionated. Their interests change and their independence increases. Life is precious and time is more valuable than anything. I realized that I have been putting my energy into a lot of things that clearly prove no value to me in the near future. I have been putting unneccessary energy into situations, people and short-term pleasure that has to be cut.

What is most important is following my purpose, my dreams, watching my children grow, embracing love (true love, LOL). Watching my parents get older and settle into relaxation mode, where they can enjoy themselves, vacation, be grandparents. Watching myself evolve into the business woman I have always desired to be. Attain and sustain the wealth I deserve. Give my body the nurtition it deserves, educated my mind and restore my soul and spirit. And most importantly, pass these examples of great health and wealth down to my children and the generations to come.

I made a vow to myself that I will accept absolutely nothing but the best for my family and myself! It is going to be a tough journey trimming the fat, getting rid of bad habits, but it is a must. I will be documenting this journey and you can watch us as we transition and grow. I am so thankful for my dedicated readers over the years. I remember when I only had 50 email subscribers and I have grown to 624. That is pretty damn good for an inconsistent blogger! I anticipate that with this journey I will have more.

I am proud of myself for not abandoning my baby, Black Pumps Pink Slippers, the career moms digest to balancing career, lifestyle and motherhood. It was created during a painful year of my life. I was at my lowest and wasn’t sure if I was going to continue on with life, but my love for my children and passion for writing would NOT let me fold! That is why I will continue this blog until I no longer can…

whenever that is…


-Tahnee Cole


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