20 Fall Activities For The Family

I love the Fall. There are certain things that you only desire to do during the Fall Season. Toasty, cozy weather, fuzzy sweaters, booties, hoodies and hot coffee really get me going. My children love the Fall season because there is so much to do. The beautiful colors put you in a peaceful mood. The toasty air makes you want to get close to family, watch scary classic movies and eat a Fall treat.

Just in case you are struggling with Fall ideas to do with your family. Or maybe you want to create a Fall bucket list. Here is a list of 20 things to do during the Fall Season. Thank me later!

  1. Visit a haunted house
  2. House Decorating
  3. Pumpkin picking/Pumpkin decorating
  4. Make a Fall Favorite Desserts ex. candy/caramel apples, pumpkin pie, apple pie
  5. Visit a pumpkin patch
  6. Visit a farm
  7. Host a pumpkin hunt
  8. Host a Halloween Party
  9. Go Trick or Treat in your local neighbor
  10. Watch Halloween Movies
  11. Rake Leaves and put the leaves in pumpkin trash bags
  12. Got to a football game
  13. Make a Halloween Gingerbread House * We have never done this before
  14. Make treat bags for classmates
  15. Make a homemade meal together ex. chili, chicken noodle soup.
  16. Take Fall Family Photos
  17. Read Thanksgiving books and keep track of things your are grateful for
  18. Volunteer at a nursing home, soup kitchen or hospital
  19. Go on a hayride
  20. Go on a scenic road trip (preferably with plenty of trees to experience the Fall ambience)

What are your favorite Fall Activities?


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