Planning a fun and eventful 6th Birthday for my son!

I can’t believe my littlest is 6 years old and going to first grade. Time is flying. Birthdays are always celebrated at my house. The key is to keep it fun, stress-less and affordable. Of course, I always go over my intended budget, LOL.

This year, I took off a week to celebrate with my kids. We started eating at some new places. Condado was our favorite restaurant of all the places we visited this past week. Even though we are not huge taco fans, there are days that we enjoy rice bowls, burritos, nachos and tacos. Nachos are LJ’s favorite. Something about the awesome atmosphere whenever tacos and fruity drinks are around. We were able to kick back, eat good and enjoy some laughter.

Next, we went to Fun-N-Stuff! Fun-N-Stuff is an indoor and outdoor amusement park for all ages. Rides, golf, go-kart racing, skating, bumper boats, and laser tag are some of the fun activities that you can participate in at this amusement park. Not to mention, that they make funnel cake sticks. The servings of the funnel sticks are small, but boy do you receive a sweet taste. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even did all the activities at least twice. I even participated in most activities. I was least successful at wall climbing!

Me over confident thinking I was going to tackle this wall with ease. Little did I know! lol

Visiting family, taking family photos, having a picnic and allowing the kids to spend time with the grands all led up to Lj’s big day. We wanted to make sure Lj ate good and had a fun party on his actual birthday. It was a Monday but who cares because his birthday is the first day of Summer. Meaning all of his friends are out of school and most people are happy to celebrate a little Summer Soiree. We did not invite a ton of people to his party since we are still trying to be mindful of Covid. We enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden. Lj ordered his favorite food, chicken fingers, spaghetti and fries. He was blessed with a delicious cheesecake in honor of his birthday from the Olive Garden staff!

Then we came home. I changed my dining room into Jurassic park. Lj loves dinosaurs and I couldn’t get the Fornite cake he wanted so I picked the next best thing. He was so excited when he saw the beautiful green dinosaur theme. He was blessed with his family, gifts, music, cake, ice cream and his favorite gummy bears (well dinobears)!

Overall, my baby was smiling so I would say his birthday and days prior were a success.


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