Honest Mom Series: I am allowed to feel this way…

So I’m going to be honest, not many people will take me serious when I say that I often suffer from body issues. If you return to a small frame after having a baby, most people say you have great snapback. Or whatever you want to call your body returning to its similar pre-baby shape.

Most moms are aware of the differences from their prenatal and postpartum body. Whether the changes are dramatic or slightly noticeable. Many women have to overcome many challenges when it comes to accepting their body for what it is. Especially, if they are against surgery. And for those who aren’t against hard work, working out!

Yes, I get a ton of compliments daily on my post baby physique. Many people say I still look to be in my  20s and without any kids.

I slightly agree. I know the difference. I see the changes.

I will say that I am not disgusted with my shape.  I’m damn proud of being a mom, but it is natural to feel, different.

I think it happens when I compare how I use to look after staring at a photo from the past. Thanks a lot FB memories!

Even the smallest details makes me feel as though I don’t look as good as I use to. Not to mention I am moving into my thirties! The fear of totally falling apart scares the crap out of me.

I know that living a healthy life is helpful and genetics play a role.  I have great genes looking at my mom and dad. Yet, there is just something about watching your body transform over the years that can cause fear.

I know my biggest struggle has been my breast. I use to have beautiful 36 C size perky breast.  Unfortunately, after breastfeeding for the second time, I was left with flat breast that remind me of a Slinky!


Two little sad breast begging to be in a bra. In the past, it was not uncommon for me to walk around without a bra. The only way you would know is if the room was cold. But I can’t do that now. Although, they are slowly regaining mass and plumping up, I got to wear a bra every single day so that I will look pulled together. That bothers me.

I have always been proud of my breastfeeding journey and glad my sacrifice benefitted my babies. I was also very happy I was able to feed my babies without complications, but I often feel sad that my breast changed right before my eyes. And its ok that I feel that way, it is normal.

I know a lot of moms struggle with the discontentment of their bodies and are often riducled for the emotions that trail behind.

Many people say that while we are complaining, somebody is wishing that they could have a baby. And of course that woman would trade places to have those stretch marks of sagging boobs. But we are allowed to be upset. It is upsetting that a mom cannot just feel how she feels without all the unnecessary judgements.

We are human and we feel emotions. You’re allowed to feel this way. I’m allowed to feel this way.

From A Mom who is just being honest…

Tahnee Cole


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