Tahnee’s Thoughts: My Success

I was never a girl who planned a wedding…

Yet, I have always dreamed of being successful. Apparently, marriage was not my model for success. I think marriage can be a beautiful union if the interests are genuine and the love is mutual.

However, the epitome of success to me is someone being their best self. Success to me is reaching all of your personal goals while maintaining your personal values.  I started working for corporate America when I was 22 years young.  Every company I have ever worked for has a set of core values. I used those core values to determine if that company and I would be a good fit. As well as, a benchmark for my own life. What are their core values, my morals and my standards of success? And how will that correlate with me achieving my personal and professional goals? Those are the questions I ask myself.  Those are the thoughts I have when I observe and measure whether or not I am living a successful life.

As long as, I do not let anything manipulate my values while trying to reach my goals; I am content with my life path. A companion or partner would be fine, but it will never validate me or interfere with my relevance, self esteem or dignity.

From a Mom Who Values Herself… Her Morals… Her Standards… Her Individuality

Tahnee Cole,

Blogger & Founder of Black Pumps Pink Slippers


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