You don’t have to… it’s ok

They tell us to fake it until we make it. I say that it is time for us to be honest and transparent about how we feel. It is the only way that we can tackle and resolve our issues. I am done covering my wounds instead of properly healing them. I have spent years covering my blemishes with MAC makeup. However, I should be finding the proper topical treatments to get rid of them. I am not talking about beauty or makeup right now though. I am talking about the facades that we put on out of embarrassment for our mental and emotional struggles.

I am saying this for all the moms who are saying they are ok, even thought they are dealing with mental depression and anxiety. For the mom who is saying she is alright, when she had been up all night with a feverish child. That mom is now working off two hours of sleep at work and struggling to keep her eyes open.  For the new mom who has been told all the right ways to be the right mom. When all she wants is someone to offer to hold the baby while she takes a shower.  I am writing this for the single mom who is not ok with missing her sons t-ball game again. Yet, due to her overwhelming work schedule and being the sole provider she has to let him down. For the stay at home mom who is judged that the house should be cleaner, but she has been cleaning all day to no avail. This is for the mom who is grief-stricken after her miscarriage, but keeps hearing that she can try again. It seems that no one understands that she is still mourning the loss of what she never had a chance to have. You don’t have to fake it anymore. Be honest with how you feel. Acknowledge that you are not ok. It’s ok.

From a Mom Who knows…

Tahnee L. Cole


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