Perfectionist or Procrastinator?

I use to tell myself I am a Perfectionist. However, I realized that was just an excuse when I was not progressing. It had to be perfect before I presented it. One more month. One more course. One more detail. One more proofread. The months would roll around and then I would watch someone launch my idea. There were even times that I would see someone with less skill, less articulate and less knowledgeable, but they were also more confident and more persistent than me.  It is obvious that so many of us hold ourselves to unrealistic standards that prohibit us from being successful. Every post has to be perfect, every idea has to be complete. We say to ourselves that we must have the highest degree before we are viewed as knowledgeable. We do not think we can plan an event unless it is at a luxury location. Plus don’t even think about creating that course, you are not an expert yet, right? Yes, we are still learning, but we have to start somewhere.

Many experts came in with the confidence that they knew exactly what they were talking about well before they actually did. When honestly, most of them were winging it! They were improvising and researching before they gained all the knowledge they have now. Not to mention that knowledge is never-ending. Those experts just had the desire to follow their passions and their hunger for success was greater than their fears. All the excuses are blocks and forms of  self sabotage that will keep you in a dead-end job or simply just in a situation that you despise. Most of those blocks will help you grow bitter and accustomed to not pursing your passion. Years will pass and you will still be waiting on the right opportunity. Most of us confuse perfectionism with procrastination. We keep convincing ourselves that we want to present our best work when honestly we are wasting time. It is time to put yourself on a time schedule. Stop saying it has to be perfect, because it never will. Every idea will grow and expand, every plan will change. Every blog post will have an error once in a while. Don’t wait another second living in an illusion. The time is now! You are not and will never be Perfect!

From a MOM who has to take her own advice sometime…

Tahnee L. Cole


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