Millennial Moms are Creating Entrepreneurs

I like the sound of it…Millennial Mom! Sounds real new age and savvy. Well that is what they call me. I am a mom born in the early 80’s raising children during the “New Millennium”.  I am a mom who can relate to my children in a unique way. I can shop in a store and online. I can teach my children how to use their imagination and SnapChat. I can show them how to be career driven and family focused. My house is filled with books and tablets.  Plus, there are times when I’m lazy and I give my kids instructions through FaceTime from the living room. LOL

There is something special about the Millennial Moms.  We are breaking from the parenting style that we were raised on. Not necessarily abandoning our family principles, but adjusting to the new norms. Most moms in my age group between 30-35 are trying to improve upon what we learned to make our children successful. It is the reason I believe that Millennial Moms are creating more entrepreneurs. We are creating risk taking millionaires. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. BREAKING RULES– EXAMPLE: Who said going to college was the only way?Millennial Moms who are stuck with college debt and a low paying job, DO NOT want to see their children go down the same path to financial ruin. Moms are supporting their children going to college only if it makes financial sense. Meaning if they have great scholarships or are in a field where they will be more likely to find a great paying job. We are not teaching our kids that they should take out a ton of student loans for a degree in Art. Or to attend college for a degree in something that someone without a degree can make just as much money or more. We  are being truthful about college pros and cons. Sorry not Sorry…

  2. TECH SAVVY–  Yes, we grew up with technology becoming necessary to survive.  So we are able to relate to our children with technology. Most Millennial parents are even showing their teens how to start online business rather than getting a regular summer or after school job.  Since technology is so commonly used in the home it is second nature to be tech savvy. Example: My two year old can use a computer, tablet and my smartphone better than some 40 year olds!  This talent put them ahead of the game when it comes to using entrepreneurial resources.

  3. STOPPING OUR MISTAKES–  Millennial Moms are nurturing our children a different way. We are telling them the cold and harsh truth about the world. We are not giving them the watered down version of our lives. We are telling them what to avoid and what they should do to be successful.  We are teaching our children more about financial freedom at a young age. We are also teaching them how it is better to create their own career than to stay in a job they hate. Since most of us were hit by the recession and layoffs we are teaching our kids a whole different meaning about JOB SECURITY. Three words… THERE IS NONE!

  4. SUPPORTING THE DREAM– What was once looked at as a hobby to parents of the past is a future career and goldmine to Millennial Moms. We push our children to utilize their talents to make money. We are educating our children on ways to use their unique talents to be wealthy. We are investing in helping our children sustain themselves by using what they do best so they will not only enjoy what they do, but enjoy abundance. Millennial moms are teaching our children to work smarter rather than harder.

  5. FOLLOWING OUR PASSIONS– We are living examples! If your mom is a successful entrepreneur chances are you will want to be one too. A huge amount of Millennial Moms are or aspiring to be business owners. Most moms are ditching the normal life of going to a 9 to 5 and teaching their kids that they can create their own ideal life. With that being the first example, there is no wonder most Millennial Moms are creating a house full of entrepreneurs!

Are you a Millennial MAMA?


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