12 Days of Blogmas Day 4: My Elf on the Shelf Almost Died

It was love at first sight when the kids first met Zippy. He is a very kind Elf, but he has a no nonsense demeanor. Most of all he is quick. He definitely lives us up to his name. Before the kids know it, he is already in a new spot watching their every move. Yet he is helpful. When Heaven misplaced her pencils he was there to help her find them. When Jr. lost his favorite cup he was there to help him.

However, watching two kids is a lot on one Elf. The kids suggested I get him a buddy that could help him with his shifts. I hired Jolly and they became a dynamic duo. Life was pretty good for the Elves, but then one almost fatal day arrived.

I  was washing clothes, helping the kids with homework and cooking. Then I noticed that Zippy was dirty. He had moved from the kitchen to the bathroom to the window seal in a matter of hours and now his pants were dirty. Since I was washing clothes I figured I could just toss him in the washer. I made a big mistake! Everything was going fine at first. I went in to check on him once and he was tumbling around the washer quickly. Then for some strange reason I went back to check on him and I saw a horrible sight.

Zippy’s head was caught in between the face of the dryer and a huge comforter. His feet were dangling over his head. His body was twisted, distorted and trapped. He looked like he was suffocating. His eyes were squinted and desperately looking right at me. Unfortunately, when the washer is in motion you cannot open the door. I could not open the door to set him free so I prayed that he would just find a way to break free. However, the comforter was extremely too heavy for the little guy. Zippy looked like he was gasping for air and seeing his entire Elf career flash before him. I was sure if he survived, he would resign from being our personal Elf. But then the time went from one minute to off. It seemed like the longest one minute ever. I rushed to open the washer. Zippy fell out.

“My bad Zippy.” I said.

Zippy just looked at me.

I guess I will just spot clean him next time.

By the way he is still our Elf!


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