Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving! It is such an enjoyable holiday as I think about the food (specifically my mamas dressing, lol), family and our traditions. I even think about how my daughter was almost born on Thanksgiving in 2007. This year though while preparing for my daughters birthday weekend I had a sudden death occur. My paternal grandmother passed away. It makes the holiday have a different appeal when there is a death so close to a Holiday that is meant for family and enjoyment. I really don’t want to reflect on any bad feelings today though. I want to just say that my grandmother is true leader of the strong women in our family. Despite her battles and her hard life she always persevered. She is a true reflection that no matter what you endure in life always be thankful and always keep going. Today let us reflect on our blessings. Let us reflect on the joy we feel when we see our family and friends. Today is a day to just relax and give thanks. Appreciate where your currently are and live in the moment. Let’s not rush to Black Friday or obsess about the plans of tomorrow. Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


From Tahnee Cole



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