Your Self Worth and Your Success

As a mom leader SELF WORTH is one of my main focus. I truly believe that the more you value yourself the more successful you will become. Not only will you attain, but you will sustain your success. You will be unstoppable! People with high self worth value their time.  They prioritize and organize their days.  People with high self worth focus on spending time on their gifts and developing their purpose.

As a Mom Leader Navigating the Workforce having a POOR Self Worth Affects these areas:

Work Performance– When you do not take pride in who you are you will not take pride in your work. When you lose ambition sometimes it shows in your work area appearance and how you present yourself. It will also show in the quality of work that you do. Once you realize that everything that you do represents you and your brand you will make more of an effort to always present yourself accordingly.

Reputation -Hanging with the crabs in the bucket. The gossipers, the complainers, the Debbie Downers and Donald Don’t Do’s will all be apart of your Great fall. They are the people who encourage you to always see the glass half empty. They spend time complaining about the success of others. They tell you that you should do less and support you only when you speak negatively about the company that you represent. Yes, the company you represent. Even if you do not agree with something keep it to yourself and refrain from using the coffee room for gossip hour. Save your complaints for your superiors who can make changes. Do not get caught up talking bad with these people. They are the same people who will talk about you when you began to elevate to higher levels.

Presence: If your self worth is low it will show in how you present yourself.

  1. Meetings- Are you afraid to speak at meetings? Are you unsure of yourself and want to hide under a rock? Or are you just not interested? Once you improve your self worth you will have no problem voicing your opinion and being a part of the group.
  2. Salary- Do you believe your are valuable enough to receive a significant pay increase? Do you believe that your quality of work is great enough to receive a higher compensation?  Are you confident in approaching your manager in a professional way about your compensation? Once you know you value you will have no problem negotiating your salary.

 Advancement– Are you confident in yourself enough to step out and go after the career you want in your corporation? Are you confident enough to ask for helping building a career path with your Supervisor?  Are you confident in seeking employment outside of the company your work for? All of these questions will come as you increase your self worth and understand that you have the power to create the life you desire by understanding how valuable you are.

As a Mom Leader creating your own Business A POOR Self Worth affects these areas:

FAITH– If you have poor self worth chances are you will not believe in yourself enough to start working on the goals you desire to achieve. People with poor self image will constantly make excuses and talk themselves out of making things happen. They will always look at the negative rather than the positive rewards that could come from them believing in their vision.

RISK– If you do not believe you will not take the risk involved in making your dreams come alive. Many people with poor self worth will not invest in themselves or even get started. They will use the excuse of waiting for the perfect time to prolong taking the risk. Another year goes by and the perfect time will never arrive.

Branding–  One you have a positive self image and respect your self worth you be cleaning up your image and working on self development. You will not still hang around people who will bring you vision down. You will be mindful of how you look in person and on social media. You will only participate in activities and association that will bring positivity to your purpose.

Price– There are people who start their business and still do not think they are valuable enough to charge what they deserve for their products, services and ideas. Many people go in thinking that they have to start small to attract bigger, but it is the total opposite. If you start way too small it is harder charging more as time goes by. If you want to have a business that sells high-end products or services you have to appeal to clients and customers who only purchase high-end. Stop second guessing and doubting yourself.

Elevate your self worth and elevate your life!


-Tahnee L. Cole





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