1 + 1 = 2 (The Second Time Around)

I was very concerned when I found out I was having a second child. I was not prepared mentally. For years I always said one was enough, but deep in my heart I desired more. The main fear was that I would have a child and not be prepared. For some reason we always think that there is a “perfect time” to conceive a child. Yes there are some conditions that are more favorable than others, but honestly there is never a perfect time.  Financially, I was able to sustain myself, but I was still unmarried and trying to pursue my accounting career in corporate America. However, I welcomed the idea of having my son and honestly I am glad I did. My life has changed totally and it has had ups and downs. Yet, I can definitely say that there is increased joy from being a mom of two. There are many things I noticed from being a mom of two.

First of all, I have been able to do it over! Sorry, Heaven! Yes, the mistakes that I made with my daughter I am able to rectify with my son. The gummy snacks that she got away with that gave her a cavity is now a learning lesson for me not to do with my son.  I even started saving more money for both of their future rather than buying too many toys for Christmas. I became more serious about my health and teaching them both healthier eating habits. Being a second time parent usually allows you to redo anything you did wrong the first time.

Secondly, I have toned down the unnecessary spending. Even though I have more to buy I am not as clueless on what I really need. Honestly, I do spend a lot of money on my children, but I have learned how to buy quality over quantity.  I am a millennial mom so I have mastered spending on things that will not only bring entertainment but also education.

Another joy of being a mom of two is that I receive more love! I have two people to call me mommy and two people who want to cuddle. I have two people who are rooting for me to win in life and two more reasons why I have to fight hard to be the best I can be.

One of my most beneficial perks is that they are playmates. I worried that since my children had an age gap that they would not relate, but my children are best friends. My daughter is 9, but she still has an imagination and loves to play with dolls and toys. She isn’t a 9 year old who wants to put on makeup and act like an adult. Thank GOD!!! So my two year old son and her can actually play and I can get things done.

I have also noticed that my son has learned faster from having an older sibling. My daughter has been reading to my son since he was a baby. She is always willing to assist me whenever I am teaching Jr. something new. My son always seems to be more eager to learn after watching his big sister.

Also, now as a mom of two I have two different unique perspectives on life. Gone are the days that I lived by Girls rule and boys drool LOL!  I get to play Princess tea parties with my daughter and then I get to sit and watch sports with my son. Actually my daughter loves sports too, but overall I am able to explore the beautiful differences between the genders.

Lastly, I have learned from being a mom of two that I am not totally dumb. Hooray, I actually learned something!  Being a parent is still a learning process daily. However, that 50 million calls I made to the doctor when my daughter was born has decreased to 1 million. Seriously, I have learned not to obsess over the little things and laugh at the madness all because this is my second time around!





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