3 Reasons Why Being A Successful Career Driven Mom is Awesome!

I am an advocate for moms pursuing the career of their choice. I think that it is possible with the right life strategies to be a dedicated mom and maintain your career goals. Most moms think that it is too challenging to balance work and home successfully.  However, more moms are out in the workforce and taking control of their lives.  Here are my top three reason why I think it is awesome to be a Career Mom!

  1. Your personal identityI think being a mom is great, but we all have something we can contribute outside of our domestic life. Having a career can help increase your self worth. Once you realize that your capabilities extend beyond and accentuate your motherhood you will be unstoppable.
  2.  You are the Blueprint for your children Children mimic what they see. If mommy is ambitious and goal oriented her children will more than likely follow. Remember our children follow more what we do than what we say.
  3.  You can afford More– I know money is not everything; however, with more money we can afford those luxury vacations, those extra-curricular activities and that bigger home. More money definitely means more opportunities.

I have had many challenges from trying to balance my career and being a mom. I realized that I had to make adjustments. I had to take control of my life and follow my purpose. Once you have the flexibility to raise your children and do what you enjoy, your life will be more meaningful. There is nothing better than being able to explore the perks of being a well-rounded mom.

How has being a Career Mom positively impacted your life?


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