My Perspective on Fear

I’m a firm believer that you should not live in fear. Fear holds you captive. If you live in fear how can you function? I knew someone who would not catch a plane because of their fear they would die in a plane crash. She later died in a car accident. A car accident from driving a long distance to another state. Ironically, she worried about crashing during a half hour flight. That taught me that no matter how much I feared I could not avoid the unavoidable. I could not beat the inevitable.

I vowed to recognize my fears but not succumb to them. This does not mean to ignore your fears. Some of our fears are valid. As I write this article some of my unknown fears have surfaced. I guess I am only afraid of dying because I worry about my kids. However, I can’t control my death date. I can control how I take care of my body to preserve it a little longer, but any sudden expected ending could still occur. I hope for the best, but I have an active life insurance policy. I have appointed guardians. I have my prayer request to God. There is no more that I can do.

Some of my fears have brought out the best in me. I have made some decisions out of fear that have changed my life. I feared dying before writing my book, letting my voice be heard and helping others. December 2016, I finished writing my first book. I will talk about my book in another blog post. I feared not living my dreams which is why I am working so hard to accomplish all my personal goals. I fear not growing as a woman, a mother, a friend, and a family member which is why I am focusing on self development. If I didn’t have these fears I would not be motivated to make change.

Embrace your fears. Let your fears fuel you to bring out the best version of yourself. Do something that you fear. Please do not allow your fears to keep you living a sheltered life in paranoia. Allow your fears to let you coexist with the other brave hearts that found their passion during times of fear.

Fear less. Be fearless!

-Tahnee Cole


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