Trying Is Winning


I am so proud of my daughter. She was very disappointed when she got home because she ran for President of her class; unfortunately, she did not win. I had no knowledge that my daughter wanted to run for President.  If I did I would have helped her with her speech. I was a little upset that she didn’t inform me. My first reaction was to get upset at why she did not tell me.  I could have perfected her speech. I could helped her with persuasive and politically correct words!  We would have run a real campaign! LOL

I ask her to read her speech to me and she did. Her speech was about the impact she would made by helping her class turn in all homework on time and eliminating bullying. Instead of being upset, I listened to the effort and the authenticity my child delivered from her speech to her classmates. I was impressed. I instantly gave my daughter a hug and praised her on making her own decision. She had a goal and worked on achieving it independently. I was ecstatic thinking that my daughter thought about this all by herself. She even showed me a web chart she made to brainstorm her ideas.

After the recognition and praise Heaven let me know that she was disappointed. She explained that now that she is not the President her ideas would not come to pass. So I had to ensure my daughter that the President is only the voice for all voices. I explained to my daughter that it is her responsibility to voice her concerns. She can also help support the President. I told her that instead of taking this as a loss, she should be proud for trying and now focus on being a team player.

Unfortunately, if the president does not do his/her job properly I gave her a little information on Impeachment!


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